Not All Israel Is Israel

How did the Hebrews turn White? To them, the reinstation of the Jews to Israel does not fulfill prophecy, because Jews are not the true Hebrew Israelites. Also known as "gedeleem", the Israelites were commanded to wear them on the boarders of their outer garments (ref. He also pointed out that the DNA testing can be much more accurate for determining if Jewish” tribes in Africa are connected to Spanish or Portuguese Jews who were expelled in 1492.

Second, in verse 7a he says it a little differently, but makes the same point: Nor are they all children because they are Abraham's descendants.” In other words, he is distinguishing here between two kinds of children” — there are all of Abraham's descendants, and there is a narrower group in that number whom he calls here the children,” or we could say, the true children” since the others are physical children also.

We realized just how far we had been led away from God and were astounded by the drastic changes required for those of us who desired to fulfill our responsibility to God as Hebrew Israelites. The race of Africans corresponds to Hamitic tribes who covered an exclusive plot of land mass given to them by their ancestors.

An unbiased investigation of the information presented in this writing will bring us to the conclusion that people of African origin have a definite connection with the Holy Land and a role to play in the prophetic spiritual re-awakening that is in progress.

The dispersion of "Black" people through means of the slave trade throughout the world coincides with the notion of the "lost" tribes of Israel who will once again reclaim their heritage. And we have seen, and will see again; this true Israel includes Jews and Gentiles.

The biggest issue that Black Hebrew Israelites have is not their claim of African American Hebrew ethnic origins but the inadequacy of their doctrine of salvation. All who are united by faith alone to Jesus the Christ are the true Israel of God (Gal. Hence Moses' wife was called a Cushite.” So Moses did not marry a black woman but the Midianite meaning Zipporah who was of Semitic white stock.

If Yahushua ,Yoseph, and Miriam(Mary) was white could they possibly hide out in Egypt amongst a black race? Finally, when they tell you to bless Israel so God can bless you, perhaps you should start praying for the people in the ghettos of American cities. 678 b.c.e. Israelites were always noted for their musical talents.

Have suggested that the ultimate roots of black Judaism lie in the identification of African American slaves with the Egyptian servitude and liberation of the biblical Hebrews.”41 Parfitt agrees when he asserts that there was a progressive identification with the Israelites as African American slaves learned the biblical stories.42 A diaspora brief overview of this historical-ideological development is in order.

Similarly, black Africans in the nineteenth century and before, in a vast and extraordinary number of cases were thought to be Jews, and indeed to have both Jewish characteristics and to be descended from the ancient Israelite stock.”3 Although he contends that this attitude was birthed from a European conception of African inferiority, Parfitt also cites an ancient writer named Sulpicius Severus (c. AD 360-c.

So while Puerto Ricans are actually a people with a nation and their own personal borders (territory of the U.S. though it may be) they still claim their own land, but the descendants of the people taken there as slaves are in the same boat as so-called African Americans in this country.

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